Microtransactions - Would you support it?


Lets think ahead to that point then . They would hopefully be like ingress was in the first 2 years at that point . And hopefully don’t fall prey to the temptation to Nerf the heck out of things , start to cater to the fluffy bunny defense players and make a mess of the story line like ingress did . When they get there and have made good . … Sure but just make it all cosmetic addons or very minor addons … Pay to win = D E A D


I’m glad somebody revived this thread! :sunglasses:

As I mentioned last year (lol)…

I don’t like the idea of pay-to-win either.

For everyone, what are some recommendations or things that you will like to see that you ARE willing to pay for? The company will need to find a way to sustain itself, as well as be financially able to continue to upgrade the game. Depending on how the game develops, I would not mind having the option to pay a $5-monthly or $25-yearly subscription to access certain features of the game. The phone app Zombies, Run! is a free to download app that allows players to download features from the game (i.e. scenes and chapters that add to the storyline, virtual races, etc.) but limits free players to only weekly downloads. Subscribers get access to the full storyline, all races, and all features. However, there is no in-app purchase that will allow one person to have an advantage over any other player. :sunglasses:

They’ve been pretty successful with both their app and player-base, and even came out with their own board game. It’d be pretty cool to see Father.io develop into an e-sport! But they do need some steady flow of financial income from the Players somehow.


Hehe, sorry I couldn’t resist as I read it :wink:

Well, you just have to keep in mind that the players had already paid 20-40 Euro for the inceptor before they even had the chance to play the game. So this is the first hurdle to take (don’t know if this is the right word here, but I hope you understand me).
As I introduced the game to friends they were first interested but when it comes to the inceptor (and the costs) most of them were scared off. I didn’t think that it would attract them when there are additional costs too.

But to get back to your question… What about cosmetical things like weapon skins or merch stuff (cups, shirts, coins, stickers for the inceptor/smartphone) or even hardware accessoires (like a gun looking controller to put the phone on)?

Another thing what I can think of are paying for change ingame name, change faction, profile cosmetics (like the avatar gets highlighted, special contributor badges, …) or the possibility to view advanced statistics (of your own and other players).

At the current state no one knows how this game will look when it is finished and what a player can do ingame, so it’s for me hard to make suggestions what can be added.

For me it would be important that I can play the game without the need to spending money for weapons, ammo or other ingame stuff. But when it makes fun (and there are players around to play with!) I would love to spend money to support the developers to keep the game running. But that needs to be absolutely optional.