Microtransactions - Would you support it?


An in-game shop is going to be likely indeed.
I kind off understand where this idea to pay for “skins” come from, but to he honest I don’t think skins would work. You still see the person your shooting trough your phones camera. You won’t see him in full body armour even though his character has it.

I rather see pay to play.
Good method for keeping spoofers at bay.
Obviously it wouldn’t stop it entirely, but it helps.


Not sure how pay-to-play would prevent spoofers. It would definitely scare a lot of players away, especially those who contributed a lot to it already. Yes, the company may get a lot of money, but they would lose a lot of the community IMO.


while i definitely dont have all the answers i would say an in game shop will be the only way the game will continue to build revenue… yeah you might scare some people off, but ultimately these guys aint just making the game for us… their making the game to make money…

i have quit some games that made the entire game pay to win but there is alot to consider in an in game shop…

first this game is going to be heavily region specific… rich people tend to live around rich people… so they will be most likely playing around rich people… same for middle class and lower class people… an in game shop adding perks to the tactical map would make it hard for people with alot of money to really harm the people with out alot of money simply because of the proximity of which peolle are playing… maybe im wrong but so far all of the areas i frequent to play are areas i already frequent to for reasons in real life, ie work home my parents church.

a shop giving out cosmetics for your avatar and guns would possibly work to an extent but wouldnt generate alot of revenue even if you bought one every time you got a new gun… guns and perks for battle id be afraid of simply because it would make tournaments and local gatherings much more pay to play…

just a couple of my own opinions i could be wrong i really dont know just offering my insight good or bad as it may be…


I dont mind either way, shop / pay to play …
All fine by me. Will see what comes when it comes.


i dont mind pay to play and i dont really think anyone else does either, its pay to win that no one wants…


Good point! Pay-to-win should be avoided. $1 Tactical Map app download, $5 to start a Team, and free FPS app download with purchase of Inceptor :sunglasses:


@Sapper why are you saying that…? You’re messing up the whole plan… I can’t rule the world now with that as a thing… Dang it man!!! :stuck_out_tongue: hahahahahaha.

I can agree for the teams but not exactly for the tactical map. Inceptors is a necessary cost. So I can’t argue that point. Just the map part.


The assumption is that the tactical map is a different app that allows you to play the game without inceptor. This is also the free way in for spoofers. This is why I am actually saying the inceptor needs to be connected to use tactical map. And it should be logged what inceptor was used for what account. There is just one thing I hate more than pay to win. Spoofers.
If inceptor needs to be connected to use the tactical map then 1$ to download makes no sense.

Edit in:
No one would pay for the inceptor and pay to play ??
World of Warcraft costs 45 euro for the game + 11 euro per month to play it.
Not saying it should be the same price, just showing that pay to play is a very valid option. Even having some items to buy aside of the pay to play is fine as long as it’s not pay to win.
Could you see you someone spoofing the tactical map knowing that his inceptor ID and potentially all accounts connected to the inceptor ID get banned. And how less likely will someone be to try this if for every spoof and real account he needs to pay 11 euro per month. Would it eliminate cheaters ? No, probably not. Do you think the same amount of people would have spoofed / botted pokemon go if they would have to pay 11 euro per month to play it ?

Eventually we will need to start paying for the game. Either this could be microtransactions or pay to play or something in between. But it cannot remain free to play. The developers also want their salary.


i understand your frustration but when i say pay to play i didnt mean a monthly fee… proxy 42 already said it would be free to play, they also have made clear that they will be doing all they can to prevent spoofing and other forms of cheating…

that being said i dont think a monthly fee is really a good answer… yeah it could potentially clean up some cheating but it doesnt really fix the issue and it will prevent alot of people from playing… microtransactions can be a positive way to provide revenue for the game but charging everyone a monthly fee would kill their sales before it even picked up…

that aside i dont see spoofing being an issue here because it doesnt really benefit someone as much as you think it would… if your not localized to an area what is the benefit of controlling it? you cant gain more resources faster by spoofing because there are limits to bag capacity and need of banks to retain large amounts of resources… the fps portion of the game is the only way i have seen anyone talk about gaining control of enemy territory so that isnt an issue. and you can only claim 2 spaces every hour and 40 minutes so global coverage isnt an option either… at this point correct me if im wrong but it seems counter productive and less than beneficial to actually even try to spoof…


@TheHatter it was just to proof a point that Pay-to-Play doesnt have to mean the game wont be played.
Pay-to-Play for PC games isnt the same like pay-to-play for mobile games.
There are plenty of other ways to adress spoofing etc.
Personally I have not had to deal with other players in my area so I am not sure how taking over areas work.
Honestly, this is becoming counter productive.

In the end there will be micro transactions, doesnt matter if its a few months into the game or a year or 2.
So lets instead think up things that could be sold via the APP that does not promote pay-to-win.


aside from the basics, faction change, making a team, name changes… i was thinking about how equipment could work…

for example the drones, claymores, care packages, health packs, etc. maybe have a way to get a certain amount of each as a daily reward but also have a way to purchase them in the shop via microtransactions… there would have to be a limit per match so it doesnt become OP and pay to win… but maybe have like standard options of items you can use and a set of dailys that can be purchased for uses in extra rounds of play…


A lot of the stuff that’s going to be in game is going to be made. And what I mean by that is that the resources we collect is what’s going to be used to make them. Same with the upgrades for the guns and the accessories.


and i kind of assumed alot of that, but thats not to say they couldnt implement something like with clash of clans where you buy gems which can be used to purchase many of the same items that we farm crypto and battery for…

not saying it would be a good idea just brainstorming from what ive done in the past… i was a heavy clash of clans player til pogo came out and now im sort of in limbo with this game… i dont really play anything right now and im casual with this… to be honest i spend more time in the forum than i do on the game…


What I like with ingress is that you can’t buy busters, but can buy frackers to farm more busters.
Something similar where making claymores etc is cheaper / faster or increased output of crypto might be good if think.


im not completly sure what your talking about because ive not really dug into ingress alot, but based off of the context of your comment that sounds kind of like what i mean…


Lets take the pogo shop as an example, and by no means would this be final or anything.
This is my initial suggestion compared to pokemon shop intended to start a discussion.
Not everything might make sense, also more could be added.

You can buy regular pokeballs but you can just as easy farm them. (making it to me a useless item in the shop)
Yet many younger kids never have any pokeballs dispite them being able to farm them easy enough.
Ultra Balls / Great Balls are not for sale in pogo store.
Pokeballs are the only items used to catch pokemon and therefore we can compare this with weapons.
Basic weapons / basic weapon munition is for sale but specialized weapons / munition is not.
Example: Basic munition is sold but Armour Piercing munition is not.
Basic pump action shotgun is sold but semi-automatic shotgun is not. (difference in rate of fire)

How does this impact the game?
You never have to miss out on the option to participate.
If you have no amunition then you cant battle, you can buy basic weapons / munition to participate.
Specialized weapons / munition is not available for sale, but atleast you dont have to stand on the side watching.
You cant just buy tons of specialized weapons / munition that others have to farms hours and hours for.
So the sales of this aimed towards making sure eveyone can always participate but at a basic level.
These people still are usefull on the battlefield.

This is a personal boost to find more Pokemon and only applies to yourself.
Incense could represent area’s that you capture for your faction.
This could for example allow you to capture more unclaimed territories by lowering it’s costs for a fixed period of time.

How this impacts the game:
The benefit is that you can quicker expand your territory but it doesnt speed-up claiming the resources / building structures. Sure, in the end you have more territories and can claim more resources quicker. What I found is that at a certain point I dont grow my home area bigger because of the time it takes to claim all these resources.
Sales in this would serve is quickly claiming an area for a temp base like when I am on holiday. Alternatively I can claim more area’s that I dont use for day to day building.

Lucky egg:
The purpose is to increase XP gains for a short while. These can also be gained by leveling up so it is not a buy only item. Could have a similar thing for battles, need to be applied before the battle when you dont know if you will win or not and thus gain more or less XP. Not sure if I like to see something like this in father IO though.

So I think these could be spread into more items in Father IO.
In Pokemon these sure pokemon for everyplayer there.
One thought into this is applaying team benefits in a specific battle.
There could be two types and both can be applied once every few minutes (5 minutes) and last a short while (30 seconds) to a battle. They can only be applied by the commander only perhaps every class has its own thing.
Examples could be

  • Radar (allows your team to detect drones or troop movement)
  • Signal Jammer (disrupts enemy communications)
  • Stealth (Keeps you hidden from radar)
  • Digital Comms (Allows communications dispite Signal Jammer)
    I think this is enough to show the idea, everything should have an offencive and defencive version to cancel out the offencive one. If these become class specific then it makes the most sense to have these for sale.
    Example: A Hacker can make one that disrupts communications and one to secure your own communications.
    But he cant make the radar scans on cloacking from radar, only an engineer can make this. But the hacker can trade with an engineer or buy it from the store.

How would this work in the game:
the battle starts and team 1 inmidiatly applies the radar scans (Offencive) and cloacking from radar (defencive).
team 2 inmidiatly starts jamming the radio of team 1 (offencive).
Team 1 can now see the enemy on radar, but cant communicate with other people not next to them.
So they can see the enemy but not coordinate an attack. Thats fine because they agreed on a stratagy.
Team 1 moves in for the kill, Team 2 thinks they where found way to easily and suspect Team 1 has radar active.
They then cloack from radar (Defencive) and re-locate. (even tough the radar duration may have passed already)
Making the battlefield a lot more dynamic.

Alternative, modules are things applied to buildings, specific on the map.
Weapons plant builds weapons faster for a set duration, solar panals deliver more power for a set duration etc etc.

Again, both should be avalable as very rare in game item + sold via shop

Backpack / Pokemon storrage
Simple, be able to care more. it definitly is an advantage.
In Pokemon you can go from 300 items to 1000 items.
In Ingress you can go from 2000 items to 2500 items
In Pokemon you can get it without spending money, in Ingress you can only buy it with money.

Allows you to hatch eggs and get pokemon without catching them.
Only equivelent I can see right now would be interest on everything you have in the bank, or a surpise gift that gives random items. 65% common items 30% rare items, 4% very rare items, 1% epic items.
Commonm, rare, very rare, epic can be applied to munition, weapons, resources.
As this is an outdoor game, why not use the egg method and give it an x amount of distance walked.
Apart from sold, also gainable by leveling up.

I think it’s likely enough people will spend money on this, but it is not over powering the game.


i like alot of these ideas, it was definitely hard to follow but i think thats because i dont like reading lol… ill come back and comment on specifics in a little bit but i like the effort you put into this and i hope more people weigh in on it…


I know that this thread is more than one year old but as I read it I need to comment one more time.

I’ve already paid over 20 Euro per Inceptor. Thats MUCH more than I ever paid in any mobile game… Heck thats more than I paid for the most of my Steam Games, and I have way more than 200 games in my library!

Beside of that as I baked this project they said that there will be no in app purchases. That was THE big sellingpoint for me.

If there will be any inapp shop with the possibility to buy items (beside of cosmetical things) I really want to give the Inceptors back and get my money back.

I really, REALLY hate the inapp purchases/microtransactions that spread all over the games (mobile and PC) and I stoped playing every game that implements a shop like this.


After the betrayal backers have gotten. let me be blunt… NO.


i THINK that there is plenty of stuff to be worked on before they even get to that point of adding micro trans.
they would take a huge population fall if they did that. this is still an alpha/beta game your talking like couple years before micro trans come into play. they literally just started selling and sending out the interceptors to backers like a month ago!

May the Human race conquer all :stuck_out_tongue: