Making bank money withdrawable


Will that feature be giving people in ratio 1/1 or like real life banks give you more money than you deposit after a while… ill would like something like that, and banks in what are current here dont give to much purpose, just keep the resource in them for EVER (until we change it)


You can still spend bank money on buildings. It will be withdrawn from your account automatically if you don’t have enough money on your character


There could be some potential in puting it on banks and withdrawl. Currently you have to go to the bank to deposit it. Yet, regardless of what bank you put it on it will all go into the same bank total. Meaning the hacker class cant hack those specific resourses.

I think it would be really interesting to have a system where each bank holds what you depositted there. Then have a withdrawl function if you want to move your resourses from one bank to another.
But yes, you have manually withdraw, go to other spot (or fly your drone to it) and diposite.
Additionally, they becone volnurable to attack where you could lose them. Also on death you lose the resourses you carry. (FPS obviously)

Building and using the resourses would take it from closest bank first untill it depletes and then next.

It gives additional dimention to the game.


Hey guys ( @Kaj @IamYourVirtualFather ) I think what @MunchnetNL put in, above my post here, could do some good for the game.