Mad about backing this product!


so much silence no wow …


I’m in the same boat as most of you but I didn’t know they were in stores. The point of go fund me is to help the company get going as well as the backers getting their devices first I was promised by August I would get it then September now 3 months later no email no items but they have my $100 that has been collecting interest for them. I’m going to start a petition and build a class action lawsuit against them I copied the info when I first bought the items where it states we get them on day one before they are even sold In store that’s literally the reason people pay and there is value for us to get it before retailers. So either make this right asap and asap does not mean months it means a week you can afford to same day delivery or over night since you now have money from all them retailers. Or else you will be sued!


How come Amazon sells it for 20 dollars less and can get it to me before Christmas