Mad about backing this product!


So I’m kinda mad right now, I ordered the the noob slayer pack with 2 interceptors for 75ish in total with shipping, i still haven’t gotten mine yet, i was late on the train and ordered in may 2016. The reason i am posting this thread is because i still haven’t gotten them yet and i was a funder, i was apart of the many founders that paid a discounted price for our interceptors and were promised to be able to have ours first and have better stuff… well here comes 2018 and i still don’t have mine, and other can make orders today and are told to have them in by january 2018, probably about the same time as me, but the main reason i am writing this is because i went to the brookstone in my mall today bc they are closing down and i bought two interceptors for 40 DOLLARS… 2 OF THEM… which is about the price a paid for one as a backer on indigogo… why do the stores have it before the backers and what was the point in backing the whole thing if others can get their hands on it before me??? I’m and pissed and i can show the proof of my purchase, and i would like to have a tracking number for my noob slayer packs i bought bc i want to know more than they shipped.


Yea… This is about the most disrespectful thing a campaign can do to backers… Even if they say we are sorry and it’s not our fault… After all the prior messups this is pouring lemon juice on a paper cut…


I’m pissed too! My 2 inceptors hang at customs!!! I have to pay ~30$ because somebody was not able to attach the fkng bill to the outside of the package! Thank you really really much!!!.. :angry:


I it’s alright, I went to brookstone too.

I needed to buy more anyways.


Please read up on their campaign updates if you haven’t already. Because it looks like you haven’t.



We are very aware of the “updates” and the latest installment of captain hindsight … The big issue here is no acknowledgement or anything regarding the cardnal croudfunding sin they have committed …


Yep, i ordered a ten pack in feb 2016… to find i can purchase in a store before mine have even shipped is an insult. And at that price, it would be cheaper as well when you include the customs fee im looking at…


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Wait how’s this related?

We are talking about the treatment backers have received in getting out the interceptors… Not really anything to do with the app…


Completely agree about the disrespectful attitude to backers, especially shipping it to retail outlets before the people funding the project. AND it’s still not finished!

Now moderators dismissing your critism and changing the subject? Speaks volumes and reinforces how they really view their backers.


Ok, sorry for the misunderstanding (I’m not a native english speaker). I just wanted to help…

Beside of that and back to topic I would like to see an official statement regarding all the problems that popped up the last days… There are so many things that upset people and Proxy42 do what? Ignore it all the way :frowning:


Its ok … @IamYourVirtualFather s silence on the matter speaks volumes. .




I’m in the exact same shoes I purchased mine back in 2016 and just got it today. Unfortunately I only ordered one of them hoping this would catch on and so before I can even try it I’m going to have to buy at least one more. I think I’ll buy mine at the store that way I know I’ll get it in a reasonable timeframe. I was very understanding about the delayed shipping because it was crowd funded. However it really bothered me to say the least that stores were receiving them before I did.

Of course I suppose the stores could’ve been backers as well, and if they ordered theirs before me then I totally understand. I am a little skeptical this is the case though.

This experience has certainly tainted my perception of crowdfunding moving forward.


No they cut a deal after funding closed… Shady…


NO, we cut a deal BEFORE the funding closed. A program sponsored by Indiegogo, where the US licensee can manufacture and sell its own product based on our design.

The delay of our shipping company (that could not be avoided, and even worst, planned) create this huge mess.
That’s a combination of two of out of our control situation.


Oh… I’m confused then(sarcasm)… The announcement to backers was made (posted by Zulay Barrero
Jan 5, 2017 • 11:12am) funding was closed 2016… Please explain the disparity of the dates, we should have had this disclosed prior to closing funding as investors/backers prior to this. Especially with Brookstones track record in treatment of backers. and what exactly I publicly said would happen did happen months after I said it would… This looks like under table dealing at best that lead to us being delayed in favor of Brookstone…


No, you haven’t. The problems came because of the delay of shipment of four weeks because of several issues OF our shipping partner, that wasn’t planned.
They refused for 3 weeks in a row our goods from our CM back in early December. Then we needed to stop because we realised that some of the orders were shipped with wrong declared values
Our plan was to have the product in the store shortly after the arrival of US orders to your home.

I suppose you may think we are not that stupid to threats like this our backers. There is no under the table dealing at all. Just a series of impossible to plan issues.


Huh? Your not addressing what I asked… Now that being said how was this shipper vetted in the first place? Perhaps recommend by someone?