Location Call Out - Human Faction


Lancaster, California … north of Los Angeles


Checking in

Could someone make up a goigle maps link like they have on the ither factions calliut page? Thanks


Greece, Athens, Marousi


hey so i’m in the raleigh area and was wondering if you know of a league/clan/group of people that are around.


Not a huge one. I know I’m playing and at least 1 other. I have a few others in the state that will be playing too.


Germany, Göttingen, Heisenberg


Alberta, Canada here can’t wait to send some evo’s to the scrap heap.


Murfreesboro, TN
Chech out our facebook group
"Father.io Murfreesboro Resistance"


Gornji Draganec, Croatia i’am new and i’am level 0 but i have little factory


Im from Velenje, Slovenia! Kako kaj življenje?


Barrie ON, CA. Human cell. 17 tiles, many resources and a high level armory. Lock and load Humans of Barrie. We move out in September. I will be making daily preparations for the FPS release and will not be stopping my progression any time soon. Again that’s…

Barrie, Ontario, Canada


from Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Spain


Granada, a beautiful city in the south of Spain




@Raij we really need some people on evolved, or we’ll have no one to fight! :smile:


Im wayyyy over at Tangerang, Indonesia
Don’t think anyone is from here


can anyone give me free inceptor im from the philipines


philipine bicol region irosin sorsogon can you give me free inceptor


Man, it’s not that expensive. Buy the 2 pack with a friend and each one will have one inceptor for $25.


Hai, i’m from solo