Location Call Out - Human Faction


Lower Saucon, Pennsylvania, USA, North America, Etherius Quadrant 1

Suggestion: Have the world be cut into 6 areas based on a globe. The center of the earth is the center (maybe the Etherius core?) NE is Quadrant 0, NW is Quadrant 1, SE is Quadrant 3 and SW is Q.4. Antarctica and the North Pole are Q.5 and Q.6, respectively.


Hi @runedos please leave suggestions for the suggestion areas. Not the faction call out area. Thank you. :slight_smile:


Game name Dryxis, Green Bay WI, usa!


Saguenay, Quebec, Canada. I think i am alone there.


Human from Seattle, WA, USA. If you make that trip up here @Stunkcuf, let me know! I don’t think they’re on the forum, but I’ve already seen Evolved in the downtown area.


Seems like I never did my checkin.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Guess I will need to reach out to @MoD_Amsterdam


Still nothing from Las Vegas, NV? I’m so rone-ry…


Haha don’t worry, @Virgo827. When you own the strip, everybody will want to join your Faction :sunglasses:


Any facebook group for father.io Philippines?


Santa cruz, california


Hey we are tow gus from Nehren near Tübingen and Reutlingen @NaYceR


@Cogito hey im going to play with a friend this game soon so i hope we can team up maybe sometimes so yeah im living nearby tübingen


Lutherstadt Wittenberg


I live in Portugal near of spain


US. Indiana


Montreal, QC, Canada. Human faction. Not alone, but not many players.


I’m in Indiana US. Who else is here


Check out the souderton wawa and surrounding area :wink:


I don’t know where that is lol. I’m in the southern part


Novato, California USA