Location Call Out - Human Faction


Santa Rosa, California


I have a Facebook group for anyone in Sonoma County.



I am from Germany, Kassel (as mentioned before in the Evolved-Forum ^^) but this time in the right one :slight_smile:


Denton, Texas but I just got the app


Aloha from across the Pacific @Feviness. Hopefully we can help each other’s teams out as the game develops. We have a few members who have family in California, so I’ll ask them to reach out to them and try to get them involved in Father.IO too. I’ll have them refer to your group if they do decide to join.

If you wanna know a little more about our team here in Hawaii, you can click here. We also have a [Father.IO - Hawaii Facebook Page](http://Father.IO - Hawaii Facebook Page).

Hopefully our paths cross.:sunglasses:


Belgium , Brussels

Faction: Humans


from columbus too!! i got Grove city area


I’m from Poitiers, France


Seems like I am the first one from austria. Greetings to all of you


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA


Écija, Seville, Spain.


East cobb, Marietta Georgia, USA


Central Florida, US:grinning: We are taking over. I’ve claimed portions of Disney World for us Humans :joy:


Awesome. Take a screenshot if you get the chance too.


Eastern Oregon, thinking of taking a two trips to Portland and Seattle go setup up Human Camps all over! lol


@Stunkcuf I might be heading up to Washington some time in the summer. Maybe I’ll build up along the way.


Gold Coast QLD Australia


Marloc Favirzal from Chicago, IL


@Feviness you will have to msg me on here or something we can go rekt kids


All alone so far in Las Vegas, Nevada. Just started yesterday. I’ve claimed 4 tiles. No POIs found yet.


I’m in Garland TX USA and have a buddy playing in Richardson.