Location Call Out - Human Faction


Wentzville mo (st.louis area ish)


Netherlands -> Limburg --> Roermond


Booya! What area? I am over in Dublin.


Griffin, Georgia. Just a small step south of Atlanta.


Piraeus, Europe, Greece



Alingsås, Sweden

Minimum 20 fulfillment


Located in Blacksburg, VA


Located in Cleveland, Ohio


I think if classifies as Blacklick Estates but it’s right in the middle of Renyoldsberg, Pickerington, Whitehall, and Groveport. Not to mention my job has my posts in Whitehall, Gahana, Reynoldsberg, and up near Easton.


Florida, Orlando Reporting in


Yessss! We need to get together sometime. If you find random places claimed around here, it is me!


Middle of the USA in Oklahoma. Just outside/inside the Tulsa area.


ZionsGate Human Cell in Hessen…


Germany, Munich for your Service


Yo that looks awesome!!


Postojna, Slovenia, EU


I’m from Evolved Faction, but I am also from Ga. I’m part of the CSRA, so how does Augusta sound for a meet and battle?


That could be cool. Do you have other people playing with you as a team?


So here is the right place :blush:. ( I wrote in the evolved thread first :stuck_out_tongue: )
Germany - Bavaria - Augsburg


I have two friends that are going to get fatherio when it becomes available to everyone, but they will most likely choose the human faction. So it’s pretty much me, unless I can convince them otherwise. Lol