Location Call Out - Evolved Faction


Raleigh, NC!


UK Isle of wight :slight_smile:


Kent / Covington area in Washington


Ajax, Canada


What up. Where in LA?


Gloucester, UK.


Manhattan, The Big Apple (NYC)


Manchester central


São Paulo, Brazil, nickname is kaTcHuca


What area in Washington state?


Manassas, Virginia


Montevideo. Uruguay


Since this is going well, and they are making progress on releasing the Inceptor I think its time for us to build the individual communities.

Please contact local members of our Faction in your area and discuss what needs to be done in order for prepping for game play.

I think a generalized location system would be best, aka a thread that just lists:
In Game Name
For US:
Town / State

For Outside US:
Town / State (Providence/Locale) / Country

Any suggestions from you guys???

This would be a simple accessible Google Docs form that you would supply the above listed information so it could be stored in the cloud for easy access to fellow members.



Liège/Luik , Belgium.


Cuautepec de Hinojos, estado de Hidalgo, Mexico.
Obteniendo zonas y listo para el Inceptor. :wink:

"Geting city zones and ready fot the Inceptor."
Espero haberlo traducido bien. :smile:


SLC, Utah, USA


Barbera del Valles, Barcelona, Spain


Yes exactly


I have created a DISCORD server for any fellow EVOLVED in the Arkansas/Tennesse/Mississippi area. Please feel free to contact me via here or via DISCORD.


Vienna, Austria

Austrian Evolved Facebook Page