Location Call Out - Evolved Faction


Atlanta Georgia
Snellville ga
The Woodlands TX
houston TX
Dayton Ohio


Los Angeles, California


My app isnt working so cant really say i am in the game but if it works in next version im in.

Netherlands Gelderland
Our dutch fanpage
Netherlands facebook father io
Our international meet and greet page.
Father.io the gathering


Portland Oregon
Vancouver Washington area


The Woodlands Tx
Harper’s Landing
IAH Terminal B&C

ATL Concorse A&B&C
Stone Mtn,Ga
Centerville, Ga
Five Pts


We could map our locations using google maps… just click the tag then click the map! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1v4vivC5E6CQv-SBHO1XsnpHZTO4&usp=sharing



Oh someone kinda close - my house mate and best mate have inceptors coming too! Just need some local humans!!!


This should be its own topic. That would be awesome


Shakespliff here Coquitlam, BC, Canada


Where in LA? I have seen some evolved and human claims but they vary in location


UK - South coast to London, no squishes yet.:slight_smile:


Long Beach Island/Barnegat, NJ. Jersey shore hallah at the god!




PetraPack, Perugia, ITALY!!:sunglasses:


Cph dk


La Rochelle, France


Michigan, US


Dallas, TX, USA


Bordeaux , France


Copenhagen, Denmark