Livestream for spectators


Not sure if this have been suggested or not, but it would be awesome if there is livestreaming for spectators.

Especially when there is a big event, and the livestream is on the big screen.


This would be really cool. ^^ But just a question; woukd it be for everyone or people who have a certain ranking? What would you say?

Personally, I would say everyone. Why limit the livecasting to certain individuals or certain events? Make it for everyone so that all can have that experience. Right?


If I remember right, this live streaming thing was one of the stretch goals for the project if it got more funding, correct?


I agree that it should be for everyone.

Plus it is a way to get more “recruitments” to :wink:


I took a look again, and yes, it is a stretch goal.


I’ve been working on how to setup a network that will allow me to stream each player’s mobile screen, as well as a few cameras around the battlefield, in a Wireless LAN battle. It looks good on paper, but I have yet to actually test it out.

I’m still learning though, but I’m not savvy with many livestream and gaming applications. I would like to get with somebody who might be a little more comfortable in those areas.