Lack of a Project Update for May


Yup. Short, sweet, and to the point. The title explains it.

I’d like to see how the project is coming along. If the devs can get an update written up, I’d really appreciate it.


We all want one. Badgering them doesn’t help anything.





I realize. I’m just super excited to see how everything is coming along. If we start going into the mentality of “they’ll get around to it eventually,” I fear the devs lose out on the accountability we expect them to have.

It’s like cheering for a sports team. I want to root for them, but if I can’t see what they’re doing on the field, it’s hard to know what I’m cheering for.

And maybe the dev team doesn’t need our cheers. Maybe they need peace and quiet. But for all the hype I want to see, silence does nothing for that.


It seemed polite enough, considering the circumstances.
Definitely does not fall under the umbrella of “badgering” them.


Agreed, it’s not unreasonable to expect a monthly update on progress from the project management , even if it’s just to let us know what the developers are stuck on.


As soon as somebody sees or hears any new please post here, we are all curious.