Just found fio-bluetooth-android.apk


I would like to try it too and give you feedback here in the community!


Are we going to test it or get to test it?


I think both options are good but the first one is better


Of course, I am very interested in testing this beta version !!!
Please tell me how to get it :wink:



We all want to have this beta :slight_smile: give it to us


This is kinda like father.io xD


@IamYourVirtualFather I also would be interested in the lastest beta app that you showcased on the facebook group.


I know it might be a little late but I would love to test it!


Yes! This was the video that pumped me up :sunglasses:


Edited the post, now anyone can take it :wink:


Is it possible to update the current mode of weapons?
please answer


I would be interested!


I am interested as well.


Can it be updated?


You can get something like a fps mode demo ???


I could not get it, maybe you can help me get a fps demo


Search in forum bluetooth-android-apk that is the old demo fps


Can I also have the link please???


I would also like a Facebook group invitation… Maybe you can set up a Google Form to receive invitation requests?


Can you send it to me too? Thanks… @IKLIK


Omg guys it’s great