Just found fio-bluetooth-android.apk


It seems like its an alpha/demo apk of the game, it uses the device camera

Idk if its allowed or not to share the apk, please lt me know if someone its interested
APK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6-Cy7zR7sqzV1NlRlBoODRFY3M/view

You can get something like a fps mode demo?

Very old alpha! It is available in the facebook closed group


I shared because i didnt knew about it before, thanks for the info (anyway my friends are like wow m8 where did u get it lol!)


Can that group still be accessed?


Do you want it? I can give you the link


Yeah, it would be great


Check your Private MSG


@IKLIK Can you send it to me too? Thanks!


can i have the link pleas


@hacker @nitrox.5 sure, ill be sending on PM for ya


would also like an invite if that is cool :sunglasses:


Can I have an invite too? please


Thanks for the link @IKLIK. Just had a chance to try it out today. Freaked out some of my co-workers


Are you potentially interested in the latest beta app we showcased here? https://www.facebook.com/fatherio/videos/vb.526340770739906/1199835446723765/


YES, I am very interested :smile:


Yes. I would like to try that beta


Franccesco make me a happy hacker and release it please xD


of course we are. 20 characters…


I am most definitely interested in testing the beta :D, Currently testing the new version of android would be nice to see if it works on N


I would definitely be interested in testing that!