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Ok, this is the one who made it right? Eduardo? I think you know who I am. Let’s play a guessing game. :slight_smile:


I guess you could call me evolved, I’m a drag queen who can full out run in heels, hair and make-up? I’m really not sure, never fit in a box/mold. Actually I break stereotypes and open minds, so yeah I’m evolved, when do we begin?


Haha, not much of a game when your name appears in the email Cody


Begin by liking the page. we move forward from there


Didn’t bother looking at it so it was a guess lol.


I am on 2 Evolved Facebook pages. I wish I could use Ida Slapter for my name but because Facebook getting all up our drag queen rears, I have to use a hybred of my real and drag name. Go thing they can’t control who I physically am(well I guess I would let them take a few pounds and a few inches and give me my hair back but so is living life on earth)! I love that I can be snarky and witty and still keep it PG(I will try my hardest to keep it PG, I’m pretty good at going rated R but cryptic like “If You Seek Amy” kinda stuff), and I am married boys, sorry and I am also a boy. on a serious note we both like big guns(this is a serious issue for us so I won’t debate personal politics here, If you have a problem with something I said please contact me and we can discuss it civiley (sp*)) but I am also a Disneyphile with a massive collection and investor. I am here to just be a witty, fun loving gamer who isn’t much for 1st person shooter vid games but hiding in aisle of stores and malls and running amok playing laser tag over infinite battle fields is a dream come true. I am evolved truly because I do believe in a higher power(this earth and life is not for nothing, there are lessons to be learned and I think I know the main reason we exist is to Love, Be Kind to each other, help our fellow earthlings, and find happiness in every hidden moment! That’s my life mantra, I have Live, Laugh, Love tattooed under my watch on my left hand in Japanesse(sp) Kangi. and I do truly try to live by that. There is enough hate and pain in this world, let us rise above by joining into a friendly game of laser tag hide and seek. I talk a snarky game but I am a kind soul. So no matter the faction, we are all sharing the same experience of life. Like I said in another post, I get very long winded and type novel style. I just can’t wait to play and hope I can be useful if given the chance to use my IOS toys to play this game. I love apple phones and tablets but prefer to build my own(or reconfigure) my computer towers. Right now I am running a mega rig with an I5 at 3.5 GHZ, 32 gs of RAM, dual GTX 960’s SLI’ed, 120 g SSD and 3 tera’s of sata hd. So I always tell people Im not an expert on 1 thing but really good at whole bunch of stuff, can’t wait to start this new phase of intellectual competitive laser tag and be more social, which is moving further and further away the deeper our faces inter act with our phones, tables and computers!! A social collective can solve more world issue than beings stuck looking at your phones all day, not even saying hello to people walking by on the street. It’s time to come back together!!! Thanks for reading, I know its a lot but I have to get it out of my brain!!