Japanese highway seen from sky


Multi-layer traffic systems are built, controlled and used in the Japanese way in an unusual view.

A multi-layer highway looks isolated among mountains.

Intersection at night in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

The building looks like being “pierced” by the highway called the Gate Tower Building in Osaka. The fifth, sixth and seventh floors of this 16-floor building are used for highways running through. The information board in the ground floor indicates that the owner of these 3 floors is the Hanshin Expressway Group.

The Kawazu-Nanadaru bridge with a pair of rings shape is an example of how to build a bridge from one side of the mountain to the other while the slopes are very steep and can’t be built bridge. Bridge length is 1.1 km, circle diameter is 80 m, speed limit is only 30 km/h.

An intersection in Osaka.

Not a highway, but the famous Irohazaka Pass is famous for its 48 bends and unbelievably attractive beauty. Each turn is labeled by a letter in the 48-character alphabet of the Japanese alphabet.

The Kanjo Loop Expressway in Osaka, where fastidious gangs often organize illegal racing.

Snow Road Tateyama Kurobe Alpine or Great Snow Walls is a fascinating Japanese destination, attracting thousands of visitors each year. Snow walls can be as high as 20 m.

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