Is there any faction balancing?


Is there any faction balancing? Like (This is my suggestions.)

buff less population faction

  • Less population faction can deal with more population faction.
  • Still have matchmaking issue because players issue in almost all region.

Force to join less population faction

  • Everyone have same status. No pro player that too strong or noob that too weak.
  • Amount of players is balance or almost balance.
  • Still have matchmaking issue because players issue in some region.
  • Someone will leave because not joining their favourite faction.

or else?

R.IP Grammar
How can I move “cons” back.


What if a couple of friends want to start playing together, and then there’s one of them who has to play in the opposing team?

I don’t like the idea, even though I get where you’re coming from. I think autobalancing works in normal games like BF or COD, because it’s just for a couple of maps in these cases. is different, because you’d have to play in a different faction than your friends for good. I’d be pretty pissed off if that happened to me…


I think matchmaking only applies to standard “stationary gaming” rather than aug reality gaming.

Also the “campaign faction” mode wont be the only mode there will be open skirmish/duel modes to play against friends even if you are the same faction.


I predict high Human overpop. They should have made the factions a bit more morally ambiguous. The best solution is just to give an EXP bonus to low pop faction if it is really bad.


I think there will be plenty of people who want to be the “bad guys” Just like WoW


I’m not mean region issue. I think there’ll have a problem like PoGo(I know you know what is this game.)that A more than B and then Gym is dominated by B for too long.

And in my opinion(rip spelling)force to join is very bad even if there is “invite friend” option.


Ahh may I ask more?

Did I correct?
There is 2 matchmaking mode.

  • Quick match with anyone in region.
  • Matchmaking by faction to take the area.

Do I misunderstand?