Is there an app for that?


Yeah a little cheesy but come on still fun.

Is there an app we can use to access the forum? I feel like I could be more active if I didn’t have to load the page every time and I could get notifications on new posts.



The underlying framework of this forum is called discourse.

They have a discussion about their choice of having no app on their forum here:


Tapatalk i hear is a good one for forums.


@Ihsees good read thanks. Yeah I agree with most of the things on there.

@Devilscousin does it work with discourse the main thing I want is notifications not ease of access.


I agree with the notifications thing. Also @rangerwolfy i read somewhere that there is an old .apk somewhere out there from the time they did have an app.


Getting a notification on my phone would be phenomenal.

Whenever I have my MacBook Pro open, I get notification pop-ups whenever someone mentions me or replies to a post.


Is there a way to integrate push notifications into the forum? This way we get notifications, but there is no app?


Closest you can get is email notifications.


im on pc using google chrome and i just keep a tab open for the forum.

i have read quiet a few threads so if anyone else posts where i have read or messages a number in brackets will appear on the tab.

i’m going to test if adding the forum webpage to the home screen pulls any results on my ipad…


unfortunately no little red indicator to show a response.

However whilst on this subject. the framework im using which is AminoApps. They have just recently introduced full support for push notifications.
below is my mobile community front page which is fully custmisable, with support for gifs, video, mark-up, embedding and more.

its for mobiles only so the cropping is a little messed on ipad. the platform is fairly new so im sure they will address this soon.