Is the 20 character limit really necessary?


Just made this topic to discuss wether the 20 character limit is effective or not in this forum. I understand it was designed to be a counter attack to short replies like “okay” or “I like it” that could be easily expressed as a heart… but this fix can sometimes become annoying when answering a closed-ended question.

Maybe a filter to unallow posting certain words alone would work better? Tell me what do you think or if you suspect there’s another reason the character limit is around (so far I don’t recall reading anything about what it was made for, just assumptions).


I think this was made so you couldn’t spam, with the one letter spamming or one word spamming.


@Nitrox.5 Good point. This could also be solved by unallowing the user to post two replies in a row, forcing them to edit the one they already made adding extra information.


That could work. (wasting 20 character) I see what you mean, its annoying!


This is a setting we can change and as this seems to be bothering the community I’ll take it up with Francesco.
I’ll post any updates in this forum.


If you do turn it off, shouldn’t there a way to verify an count before posting? or it should be up to mods to ban as soon a a bot surfaces?


Any discourse bot would already be bypassing the 20 character limit when making posts.
The purpose of the 20 char limit is to prevent nonsense posts that are considered spam. However in this forum it’s reasonable to sometimes make posts of less than 20 characers.

Francesco agrees and it will be looked into.


Now first post is 20chars, but all the others are min 5 chars. Enjoy!


thx a lot


Thank you