Invalid QR CODE and problems with bluetooth


hello from Italy
we purchased our inceptors for Christmas and we have some problems.

For the PHONE 1: we downloaded the app, created an account, connecred the inceptor and everything was fine. Then, by clicking on quickmatch, it says to activate again the inceptor with the QR CODE, even if it was already done at the beginning. By the way, we scan again the QR CODE but the sartphone says “INVALID QR CODE” and we can’t manage to click on NEED HELP.

For the PHONE 2: we made the account properly, the QR Code is ok, but the bluetooth connects and disconnects. In this way anything works.

waiting for your response.
Thank you.


Same issue.
A serial number is less cool then a QR scan, but it always works…
At the moment I feel that I thrown away 80 bucks. Very disappointed.


Question for you guys, did you fully charge the inceptors before trying to connect them via BT?


Yes we did


I’ve 2 inceptors. One works fine (after just 1 hour of charging time). The other one always returns “invalid QR code” (also after many hours of charging time).
Sadly, I believe that’s not a matter of charging time.



No its not… Hmm. Contact @IamYourVirtualFather he may be able to help you debug this.


Can’t manage to contact him. Maybe because I’m on my smartphone or because
I’m a newby on the forum… :frowning:


Could also use Discord.


@Lorenzo - be sure that you are using two different account.
You need to scan the QR code only once per account, and once it is used you don’t need it (or need to scan it) again.
More info here:


I’m currrently using two different accounts, but I can’t exclude that my son has paired both the inceptors to the same account on the same smartphone.
How can I unpair the inceptors and repeat the setup procedure correctly?
I’ve found the “forget inceptor” button, but it doesn’t work: the forgot inceptor can’t be paired to a different account.


new updates…
We managed to fix the problem with my smartphone by going back to the shop and changing the inceptor. With the new box everything is fine.

But now, the problem on our second device is back. it starts fine, but then it connects and disconnects from the bluetooth


Hi Lorenzo,
you have 2 accounts, 2 phones and two Inceptor.
QR codes are used only once per account, just and only for the activation phase, so just use the two accounts on the two different phones.

Forget Inceptor is needed to forget an Inceptor device internally, as the app try to connect to the last known device to speed up the pairing process. You should use in both phones and start again the pairing process. Let me know if this solves the problems.