Introduce Yourself To Fellow Soldiers


Maragan here.
The Netherlands, NH, Haarlem.

Seems like there are some dutchies in here already.
too bad noone responds ingame, but i’ll keep trying :slight_smile:

Lasertag with strangers… whoop whoop!


Hi im Code from London UK.

i run Amino Apps Father.IO.HQ Community. feel free to pass by. it will be worth your time :slight_smile:
im up for collabs and im creating a structure for team finding/building and hosting video channels. its completely free and available on both app stores.


NCRavensFan here from Raleigh, NC,USA. I just joined the Evolved. Love the idea of the game and can see this already becoming very addictive


Hey everyone. Carlos from Seattle here. Human.


Oelonyx from Texas, message the state chat for me and I should notice unless I’m offline, otherwise welcome to the land of…well, free land pretty much.


Human Nanaimo,B.C.,Canada…1 human and zero evolved in my city. Soon i will control the whole down town.


Kirkland here human…I’m EVOLVED. I’ll see you on the battlefield.


begin training montage


Hi world I’m a noob lol. I’m in the Orlando fl area looking forward to playing with anyone around. See you in the battlefield.


Hello everyone, I am from Fond Du Lac in Wisconsin. I am an Evolved. The game looks amazing. This game is sorta similar to another game called Ingess but looks way more fun.


Hello all, just got the app. Human faction. Username Gwydiol. Playing from Wyoming


You know what? I don’t think I’ve introduced myself here yet. My game name is Quroe, proudly Evolved.

I’m playing in North East, MD and also Mechanicsburg, PA. I have backgrounds in both sales and mechanical engineering. I played Ingress in its second year and was a Pokemon Go beta tester, and I’m really looking forward to this game’s release. I want to see this game take off and become another social phenomenon like Pokemon Go did, and I think we can hit the “tipping point” of the "Theory of Innovation of Technology " (look it up) if Proxy42 does public relations right. I’m willing to chip in what I can to make that a reality.


Hello all I can upload the newest version


Im from Oregon, and in most games I go by Harper. I plan on pre-ordering my inceptors hopefully next week and if anyone is near the Eugene area we’ll be able to squad up. I plan on being a part if the Human faction, and I really cant wait to try out sniping because well i enjoy picking off unsuspecting enemies>:). Thats pretty much it lol.


Bryan from Philadelphia, PA. I haven’t picked a faction yet, but lean towards human… say hi, if your ever in the area


Hello all :grin: my name is Fabien, Wardack in game. I play from Évry, France. Evolved.


I’m Gunnar, dash417 in game From Wisconsin U.S.A. I’m 18 and on the evolved faction


Hello everyone hiddensniper here, the name says it all you may see me on the radar but good luck spotting me IRL I’m keen at tatcics and strategy, i am also picked for paintball commander 90% of the time I can’t wait to give a try, I learn fast but plan faster, if you think you can keep up go ahead and try :sunglasses: but to all the evolved and humans out there I’m not with you or against you but I will trade bullet for bullet if you try and raid me. GL and HF everybody the world won’t fight for itself so start casting votes for who’s gonna win coughhumancough


I am in the southern california desert, a human of stealth, atleast… i dont think the evolved sentry nearby knows i am here just yet.


Not too far away and same faction as me? I thought I Would be operating alone