Introduce Yourself To Fellow Soldiers


Hi TheHumblerIO from Cambodia…Nice!


deanbags here, excited for this game and have already pre-ordered a couple of Inceptors!


Hi everyone Bushido Zen from texas just started playing recently. Already very into the game and all the possibilities it promises. I already have an idea for making a phone holder in the shape of a pistol grip and trigger (optional) currently the ones on the market would interfere with the inceptor.


Randy aka TheHatter evolved from jefferson county mo… buying our inceptors pack down here soon look forward to joining the beta test… didnt even know it was out for testing until today…


Glad to have ya. Not a fan of you being a goldfish but still, glad to have you nonetheless.


goldfish that must be slang for evolved? ive seen it a couple times now


You catch on quick. :slight_smile:


i do, i also read alot… lol


What´s up guys! I’m Sweetsarcasm25 and I can’t wait to whoop up on the ones that accept robots as leaders, yes, I talking about YOU, evolved. Us humans must join together to crush our enemies! :rocket: I declare WAR


Hey @Sweetsarcasm25 I like you. Glad to have another Human coming against those Goldfish!!!


Wanna know what I do to goldfish? I EAT THEM! Unless they are raw, then I just beat them with a rock. :laughing:


RaNar, do you want an invite?


hey eeveryone. im DeKaliKidd008. from Oceanside, Ca. i live in Mo Val though. still need some team members to play against or with on this marvelous game.


Hey all :raising_hand_woman:

Munch from Amsterdam here.
Excited to start playing with the inceptors.



officially a backer, started off with the premium inceptor 2 pack but ill be grabbing 4 to 10 more soon as i have funding available…

Glad to be officially part of the team!


Hi all,

ThePedro here from London, UK…part of the Human faction so looking forward to frying some circuit boards!


Hey there, Soldier Gnaggi from both Brunswick, Germany and Berlin, Germany reporting in. Due to my loyalty to the Enlightened in Ingress, I choose the Evolved. Cannot wait to purge my city from the foolish humans.


Hi, Sabandija from Mexico City here, team human, by the same name on Ingress (RES LV14):fist:


Hi all, i’m Kappa from Italy, nice to meet you all :smiley: (it’s nice to meet only others evolved, obv :P)


evolved or die!

hail hydra! lol