Introduce Yourself To Fellow Soldiers


Hi I’m ACGStorm, waiting for the super early bird pack to arrive :grinning: Evolved is the best :joy:


You’ve got a lot to learn then my friend. Humans will rule.


We will see my friend :smiling_imp:


Gladly. Come by South Jersey if you’re ever up for it :3 We shall have some fun.


I’ll have to take a plane :joy::joy:


hello, is anyone from miami? i have a question ive been collecting coin from my solar and my square… my question is how do i claim squares next to me? im interested in playing this but i haven’t got anywhere… anyone could help me?


this is what i see when i try to claim a square next to mine…


hello are you able to claim squares next to yours? as of now i have a bank solar panel but im tryin to stretch out… not able to


Hello @bmills33179,

  1. please open seperate threads for seperate problems
  2. don’t use multiple threads for the same question
  3. give us some time to answer
  4. when you first started the game, recent versions of the game have a short tutorial at the beginning of the game that shows the basic concepts. Unfortunately I don’t know how to access it, once you played it through.
  5. walk :wink: is a game tied to your physical location. Some actions are only available when you’re standing on that tile, some can be performed from afar. Claimimg requires you to be there.

Welcome to the community!


I am Nick, in the game known as DevilishSaint81. I am from the Netherlands, Rotterdam area (Hellevoetsluis). Just getting acquainted with the game, or at least the beta map thing. Looking forward to start playing the rat of the game. Can the Interceptors only be bought through indigogo?


Welcome! Yes, right now the inceptors can only be purchased through the Indiegogo page!

#141 denmark


Hello everyone, my name is hilario and my alias is espetec .
my battle area will be the island of Ibiza in the Mediterranean Sea for human faccion


Hello everyone, my name is rob, my user name is bmills33179… Im from miami,fl im also a human where is everyone else located?


Hello, vial6025 here from San Bernardino, little bother showed me this and I immediately new it was a awesome idea… Looking forward to buying inceptor and being part of this movement! Thank you


hi i’m Mike from Greece 36yo i really looking forward for this game!!! Have a nice day


Hello all, Jason here in KY. Introducing myself to fine future soldier. Can’t wait to we get the hardware.


hello there! i’m kenny from malaysia! glad to be here


Nurul Jamal, 24, in game : MonsterNJ, Malaysia

err…women rocks the world?? cuz yeah, i’m a woman! :heart:

Nice to meet you guys!! :innocent:


Ingame #Schlepptop