Introduce Yourself To Fellow Soldiers


Hey Everyone! ObiJuan here… Just purchased on Indiegogo so I’ll be getting my hardware later :disappointed:. Looking to get up to speed! Thanks in advance for your help!


That was me when i went to the Mexico game


I’m awful at introductions. (x.x) Hia! I’m Alexander! Nice to meet ya, nice to meet ya. I’m not a massive gamer, however I am into a few Augmented Reality games such as Ingress, Hadur, and now Father.IO! I’m starting up a Google+ community for Canadian Father.IO players, as well as a community for Alberta players, so that’s pretty exciting I suppose. Umm… I’m a male in high school… I live near the capital of Alberta… I travel a lot… this is getting to be a pretty bland and boring introduction… ANYWHO!!! I am super excited for Father.IO and glad to be a part of the community, and I suppose I’ll see yall’s around! If you have any questions about me feel free to ask!


Really? Awww I thought there were some goldfish here I could destroy


Best of luck to you, hopefully you can attract a colony!



I am an Evolved purposed to maintain and keep in good order others like myself for expected wear and tear that is result of combative actions. My proposed area of operations is the Pacific island chain known as Hawaii. I am ready to fulfill my duties.


(This is a replacement for an older post I had that didn’t really provide any information.
God I hope I got the feel of the Evolved right
TLDR: Evolved / Medic / Ingame name has no dash P4TR1K)


Cool, you picked a side! We still gotta get together once the full version gets out :smiling_imp:


Hello guys, My name is Tom, almost 16, Netherlands. I can’t wait to play this game and explore areas where the game is also played a lot. I don’t think many people in the North of the Netherlands will play this :disappointed_relieved:


Hey Tom! You never really know how many people are playing until you start exploring. Either way, you’ll definitely rule your entire town! :sunglasses:


Hi everyone. My in game name is brzopuc. I am from Croatia and I am glad to be part of game and this community


I am TysonYurA.I. seems like fun.


Hi everyone. Arguen Report ! Player of the canada country, Québec to be precise. Looking forward to playing with you :wink:


Hey everyone, I’m Jonathan, from NYC.


Hello all,

My name is Bjorn, ingame Prankhouz, Faction Evolved.
I am 21 and main territory is in Utrecht.

Count your days for they are few. Evolve or Die


Bip Bip !


Hello I’m Yovaman from Madrid, happy to start this experience from the beginning!!!


JoXiC here. Former Ingress player from the Beta days. Looking forward to seeing what can achieve.

Texas, USA


Hi! M’y name is BonD, SnakeBonD. :sunglasses:
I joined french Resistance (Ingress) 4 years ago and now I join the human faction.


TacticalTabasco here from Central Florida. R13 Ingresser currently on sabbatical playing Pokemon Go…appreciate the beta invite and looking forward to seeing how this develops!


Whoa, still learning how to use the forum. Anywanys 'ello I’m JackOfAllTrades, part of the Human Faction here in Montana. I’m Enlightened in Ingress and Team Instinct on Pokemon Go. I can’t wait for this game to go live!