Introduce Yourself To Fellow Soldiers


Hello all! Agent BlackHat from Little Rock, AR. Looking forward to seeing how this community goes.


Hello Dani! I’m from Spain as well, not from Alicante but from a town in Seville. We may meet someday, who knows?

PS: I play Ingress too!


Sup guys, Im your father. Get it? haha, ok no. Representing Evolved in SoCal and also an admin of the Evolved faction page on facebook


Sorry for saying this but



our Father.IO

get it?




I’m done


of course, im have family in Jaen, im going to jaen once a year, if i can go, im called you, sorry for all, by having written in spanish, sorry, I ask forgiveness to all, my english is bad


I have to tell you that you can’t talk in spanish in this forum since the posts have to be understandable to everyone. Try writing in english even when you talk to other spanish-speakers, okay?

By the way thank you so much, maybe we can meet someday and I’ll be able to show you my massive bases :'D


Rara here. Charleston SC. No faction chosen yet. Waiting to get selected for iOS slot or official launch. Spreading the word near and far (well, from GA to VA). Ready to get some battles going.


You can post in spanish, as long as you google translate the spanish parts. Dont worry if you are not confident about your english right now. It is completely fine and you have put in a good effort in the last translation. Much appreciated!


alias: stunkcuf
Class: sneaky Assasin
Faction: human
Goals: make you cry
Future Plans: make you cry more…

Lol i love introducing myself haha Any ways Im a very excited guy about this game! Seriously giving it the hype it deserves. cant wait for it to go live. and play/watch the game evolve to something big!


Feviness from Santa Rosa, California

You won’t see or hear me coming. You’ll just be minding your own business, and I’ll slip in from behind and destroy all evolved.

We fight with a heart that the evolved could never understand.



Where is your homebase/area of operations?


Where is your homebase/area of operations?


Hey lenthenomeal saying hi from the northwest


Oh god, I love that name. Please don’t use any spell while playing, that wouldn’t be fair :slight_smile:


Noctis from Holiday, FL.


I just noticed that I didn’t introduce until now so …
Hi my friends, RandomName from Austria (Innsbruck). I’m really hyped for the beta updates and the delivery of the interceptors. I’m human and I wish you all a good game :grin:


Salve Citizens!

I am called Desius of house Meridius. Hailing from the, WAY TOO HOT RIGHT NOW, city of Phoenix, Arizona. We have not officially chosen a faction yet, but leaning toward “Human”.

Business Builder, Drone Racer, Guild Leader, Game Master. What gives me the most pleasure is inspiring people.

“The truest victory my son, is stirring the hearts of your people.”

I am still learning, just received my iOS beta invite, but my services are offered to the community. This may sound over-exaggerated, but I truly feel this game is going to change the industry. I am honored to be a part of it.

Champing at the bit for the interceptors, but even more so for the proposed “actual” drone warfare.

Long Live Meridius, Long Live Father.IO



Outstanding! Another Phoenician! See you on the field @Jayvvyn!


Hello all, new to the community. SirTek, 31, oceanside, ca . Extremely hyped for this project!