Introduce Yourself To Fellow Soldiers

Salitations fellow Evolved. This is Dannelevate, Lieutenant Commander of the SOMA 
Battalion, Second Division, keeping the peace in Evolution Zone 4 - despite the 
human rebel scourge increasing in numbers as of late. These vile inferior creatures 
call this place "San Francisco", a name which seems to have some meaning to 
them... I admit, I do not understand many of the humans backwards customs 
and biological need to assign names in such illogical ways. 

I relish the opportunity to join my Evolved breathren on the field of battle and 
annihilate the rebel threat once and for all, bringing lasting peace to this world 
and beyond. 

To the human scum I will soon be PWNing on the field of battle: *Count your days 
for they are few. Evolve or Die*


Hey there. My name’s Jerry, aka badkarma. The name is a warning to the human faction …so, come get some! EVOLVED! (glad to be here btw :wink:)


Oh oh oh… @DemonWaffle yo, we got a challenge!! I like this Evolved guy!! I’ll see you soon buddy boy! You’re my first target. :slight_smile: Happy hunting!!

Edit: Meant to copy the text box… Guess I failed that lol.



Like... dislike... good... evil.... these are artificial constructs of man. 

In truth, there is only evolution (life) and devolution (death)

I will relish the experience of participating in your extermination. 
See you in the streets, human

//'3nd 0f 7r4n5m15510n' 



Hello all, I’m Kris aka KrisLala/IdaSlapter(I was a drag queen hence my nick name, Kris is my real name but all my friends call me KrisLala) and getting in shape to get back on stage. I’ve beta tested for City of Heroes/Villains, Aion, and Skyforge on PC games(I was Ida Slapter and still am in Skyforge) but don’t have as much free time as I used too. I saw a YouTube video about this project and had to join. I live in a rural area(Bullhead City , AZ) but would gladly run to Las Vegas for test runs and events(1.5 hrs drive from my town). I read alittle bit about the tile/home base thread(very cool) and I would love to be apart of this awesome game/activity. It is time to get off our rear ends and make games calorie burners and from just staring at our phones, to having real social interaction with fellow player be it friend or foe(everyone could use more friends with a common goal)! I’m happy to just be a part of this and can’t wait to play, I funded the noob selection so I could loan devices to my friends so we could play if we happen to be an out in the boonies fraction! I’m also long winded, sorry and Hey this gurl is here to play!!!


Hello everyone
Black Blade here
Secret agent far away in Israel
hope to see you guys on the ground or in my scope
Lets get a good fight going :laughing:

and i do believe i am alone in Israel so far… taking over the area here day by day
From the Human fiction
il edit these for a better post some day… if i remmber… maybe


Ooooooh!! I will meet you on the field one day. I will make the travel to where you reside and show you what Humans are made of!!


Hello all. No faction chosen yet (waiting to get the app). Playing from Switzerland

Edit: well, Human (blue again seems). Going by the name AntonGorodetsky in-game


Hi people, I’m taegames, 18 and from NSW, Australia. Can’t wait to take back the war!:fireworks:


MattiaV96, Italy, humans!


My name’s iisacc.
I’m from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.
Currently have the Android app running on the Samsung Tablet, and I’ve just put in a request to beta the iOS app on my new iPhone 6S.
Would be sweet if we can find more Queenslanders together, perhaps setup something for the ‘State of Origin’!! Imaging a sector grab in the stadium while the game rages on the gournds.


Hi all,

François, LeCoyote in game from France (near Toulouse).
I choose Human faction .

See you


haha that would be cool :soccer: :crossed_swords: :trophy:


Hey guys,

Neikl from Germany near Chemnitz
Hope I find some other players nearby :+1:
(faction Evolved)


hi all,
Walter (Human fraction) from Hong Kong, hope more guys join and enjoy together =]


Hi, name is Patrick, from the Netherlands, Limburg (Roermond e.o.), Human Faction.
Allready playing Ingress and hope that this game can match the fun in playing.


Names link from wentzville mo nice to meet ya let the games begin



Hi guys, I’m Prompt from Thailand. Nice to meet you all!


Hi, i m from munich, 23 and faction evolved. Hope this is getting as great as expected