Introduce Yourself To Fellow Soldiers


Hey I just got my interceptor in the mail. An Orlando faction needs to be organized.
Deadguy signing in from Orlando FL


Here I’m Giorgio from Torino, Italy!


hi , nama saya kristian manihuruk asal dari indonesia
Thank you


Mark here in Denver/aurora Colorado. Just got my interceptor.Let’s play


Hey guys, Alex here, 25, from North East Texas.


N1ghtblayde from Indianapolis. Played the resources map game on and off for a while, them kinda dropped it because I’m also an Ingress player.
Now that I have 2 inceptors, I plan on showing it off a bit and trying to recruit some more players.


Dan here from Phoenix metro area in Arizona. Looking for other players in AZ, was excited when proto ally heard about this but I didn’t get my inceptor till launch instead of beta like I supported on the crowd funding. But it doesn’t seem like many people are around AZ. Going by lessdanthree on here my usual name for gaming since 2008


Britishdevil666, Benicia, CA USA


Hi fellow soldiers!!! Hope you guys are in cloud nine because no one wanted a forum with sad stuff happened right?!
LazyPig here anyway hope we can knew each other in the following day! :smile: