Introduce Yourself To Fellow Soldiers


Rebel scum /s


Hi fellow brethren of evolved race and rivals of human race.i put my soul in my trigger in the name of KSK018 and my words battle here in the name of JOKER018.from erode city, india. @Dannelevate i would be happy to be your brother in arms


Gnostica — Reporting for Duty!!!

Hello and greetings to all. I am super excited to be here. Found your game today and I can’t wait to play. I am an ex Ingress junky who has been looking for something new and boy did you guys pull through. I can’t wait to read through all the forums here and get to know the game a bit more. I look forward to submitting some artwork. Thank you for putting this all together. I believe you have an exciting and solid idea and can’t wait to play!!!


Are U Ingress agent?


Gary Bright Potter, Greeting from Hong Kong, Human Fraction, Sniper role preferred.


Hey I am GameBrekerX from India , MP


Hello, and welcome, GameBrekerX!


ThreeShots here… Evolved


Who has Evolved? Name here…


Welcome to the community, @ThreeShots! I’m Evolved as well.


Ramiia human should be khyryl though


What are you coming to say?


Hey Regin, we should meet up after the inceptors get released!


Evolved Agent Stoidi on the Isle of Wight UK here :slight_smile: if anyone else in here is from the IoW message me as I have set up a chat for Island players :slight_smile:


Human, still based in Seattle, but changed my username in-game.

~ Icewhisper (newchonin)


I’m from Spain. Barcelona city

Para aquellos jugadores castellano parlantes, espero coincidir

Nos vemos jugando :gun:


[Human]Joarode here in Chicago Illinois


Hey! Assault_3133 here… This looks cool!!!


Hongkonger here, any of your friend also have this game?


Claudio, Milano, Italia
Nickname ingame: Janos