Introduce Yourself To Fellow Soldiers


Are you in the AV?


Ignore Gwydiol, human (obviously) coming from northeastern Wyoming, anyone in my area let me know.


Hello! Nice to see this game take off, my name is Anthony, but on the field you can call me Light.
Most of my close friends and fellow comrades call me Ace.
26 year old Male from California, fighting for control of the main west cities.

(Flavor warning)

I am unsure as to how out numbered we are at this current time, all I know is the enemy is fierce, all contact with outside reinforcements has been lost, the enemy seems to be everywhere, the battle rages on as we tread lightly through enemy territory launching midnight raids to swing the balance in our favor, but as the war wages the enemy has gain much power through its expansion taking block after block, we bide now but our vigilance does not wavier.

(Just some fun lore-friendly ranting heh)

Can’t wait for the 4 player pack to come! For the Human Resistance !


Hey Light. You got some Humans out east willing to help ya out. Strike teams can be inbound upon release. Just give me a message and I’ll send the orders.


We have been pushed far south of the bay into the heart of the enemy, how soon can you have that strike team in the air.

Not sure how long this position will hold RaNar, we are counting on you.


@bmills33179 You have to be in the square to claim! Happy Hunting


I am a Human soldier reporting in! I am currently posted in the west coast, if there are any survivors looking to meet up let me know your out there! We have stick together if we want to crush the Evolved! :smile:


any holdout scavs near the hi-desert can look for a colony of resources.


z3r0d4z3 from Massachusetts
Glad to be here


Hi whats up


Yo :joy:


JPowerX2 here. Aka Jonathan. In Algonquin/Elgin IL area but my job takes me into Chicago, Wisconsin, and Indiana. So I’ll be sure to be grabbing all the territory I can :wink:

Humans for the win!


Whats up


Hi guys, This is Regin from Korea(South, Republic Of). I’m just looking for persons who can depend our territory together.
Anyway good luck guys :slight_smile:


Hi everyone im from Perth, Western Australia :earth_asia:


Unit ZER0. Online.


I am General HanSolo, station out in the Inland Empire, Southern California, USA. Anxiously awaiting my Inceptors to get blasting!

“Never tell me the odds!”


Just wanted to say hey to all who are here, this seems like it will be a very cool game :slight_smile: I am already enjoying it so far and cannot wait to see more added and see what else they have to offer once fully released :slight_smile: Thank you for the opportunity to play my friends.


Onlockdown from Anaheim Ca, Can’t wait to go to war in DisneyLand!!:upside_down_face:


Gm all I am just me, the feild of battle will show the rest