Introduce Yourself To Fellow Soldiers


Noctis from Holiday, FL.


I just noticed that I didn’t introduce until now so …
Hi my friends, RandomName from Austria (Innsbruck). I’m really hyped for the beta updates and the delivery of the interceptors. I’m human and I wish you all a good game :grin:


Salve Citizens!

I am called Desius of house Meridius. Hailing from the, WAY TOO HOT RIGHT NOW, city of Phoenix, Arizona. We have not officially chosen a faction yet, but leaning toward “Human”.

Business Builder, Drone Racer, Guild Leader, Game Master. What gives me the most pleasure is inspiring people.

“The truest victory my son, is stirring the hearts of your people.”

I am still learning, just received my iOS beta invite, but my services are offered to the community. This may sound over-exaggerated, but I truly feel this game is going to change the industry. I am honored to be a part of it.

Champing at the bit for the interceptors, but even more so for the proposed “actual” drone warfare.

Long Live Meridius, Long Live Father.IO



Outstanding! Another Phoenician! See you on the field @Jayvvyn!


Hello all, new to the community. SirTek, 31, oceanside, ca . Extremely hyped for this project!


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Hello all. I go by Razgriz as well. Cant wait for game day! Nashville Tennessee will become my playground!.


Hello guys and girls
Im RH-UpRising and I’m from Birmingham in the UK
And hope loads more people play this in this city and think this game will be amazing however how long will it take to get an incepter


Hello! ^----- That’s my name

Detroit area Michigan is my home turf. Hoping to get into the beta and start playing!


Hi! Im IKLIK, Human from Madrid, Spain
Admin of the Discord server for this game


Hello, I’m Terrafirma from Las Vegas, NV. Just installed the Beta and not sure what comes next. Do I just claim every square I can? Looking forward to playing with other humans (lol).


Hi I’m PhoenixFury from NYC, glad to be here.


Jinxvar here from Gouda, the cheese City, in the Netherlands! Looking forward to the eventual battle!!


Another UK / London fan


Hello all, name is Zach IGN is Gisley. Located in Idaho, USA. Play on!


I’m so painfully unequipped for this kind of game but I just wanted to see what it’s all about. That, and I doubt my current area of residence has many players, so I might be queen bee…


Copenhagen Denmark


Hey everyone I go by So90KLiLove and I’m from California. I’m from he San Diego County area. Nice to meet all of you.


No no smurfs is taken…



Sup everyone ninjarar here in LA California, and to those LAers out there, specifically Glendale. I have seen some goldfish claims in Pasadena and around my neighbourhood, haven’t seen them on this forum yet though. I did raid them and claim around them though! Lol. I got a bunch of friends interested in this game so we r getting the 10 pack! If u r in my area give me a mention. Go humans!