Introduce Yourself To Fellow Soldiers


haha that would be cool :soccer: :crossed_swords: :trophy:


Hey guys,

Neikl from Germany near Chemnitz
Hope I find some other players nearby :+1:
(faction Evolved)


hi all,
Walter (Human fraction) from Hong Kong, hope more guys join and enjoy together =]


Hi, name is Patrick, from the Netherlands, Limburg (Roermond e.o.), Human Faction.
Allready playing Ingress and hope that this game can match the fun in playing.


Names link from wentzville mo nice to meet ya let the games begin



Hi guys, I’m Prompt from Thailand. Nice to meet you all!


Hi, i m from munich, 23 and faction evolved. Hope this is getting as great as expected


Greetings to my fellow Humans!:wave:
and a general hello do the Evolved…
GrassHopperJonez know in game as GHopperJonez here hailing for the pan shaped state of Oklahoma. Looking forward to playing the awesome game in the making. As I’m sure there are some Ingress players out here, I thought I would change things up a bit. I’m an Enlightened player in Ingress. Now I’m guess I’m a Smurf on here. But I suppose that’s better than being a fish… :bow: What’s worse? A fish or a frog? meh… :confused:



Greets All! 7 here. HUMAN Just saying hi…more info soon from Germany!


Sup Guys, Menexster here, to protect and serve my fellow teammates and friends, in humans we believe! Destroy the evil that brought us here and annihilate them until we have peace…


Hello everyone!
My name is TJ, in game I’m in the Evolved Faction and my tag is “TaterChip” and I’m from Ga.


Perugia, Umbria, Italia!!!


Hi my Name IG is Kali. My hpmebase is in germany in the town Regensburg. I fight for the humans.



Operative: Wispouille La Fripouille

from: Belgium

Territory: Brussels

Faction: Humans


I like this guy. Yo, you’re my boy from now on ok?? :slight_smile:


Humans will prevail.

I would happily combine our forces but since the war started versus the evolved i’m no longer a boy.


Hello, nice to see another Belgian here! And even better another human too! Welcome to the forum!


Hey , Nice to meet you , glad to see i’m not alone in belgium :slight_smile: , let’s spread the human territory un our country


Hi all obsidian here. 35 m from Oregon. I’m excited for all the fun. Humans all the way