Introduce Yourself To Fellow Soldiers


Welcome to the FatherIO forums, please take a moment to introduce yourself to your fellow mates.

Hey Everyone :)

Hey guys DemonWaffle here! Wanted to check in on the forums and see how the community is doing!


Hello all! I’m Kaj, 25 from Belgium. Eagerly waiting for the inceptors from the leet team pack to arrive! GOOO humans!*


Hi my name is Dedebetatester from nyc. Glad to be here


Hi … Revvvs here from the Netherlands. Looking forward to a revolutionary game called!!


Hello from Phoenix, Arizona (USA). I’m so hyped for this project to go live. I’ve made a few contributions towards interceptors and I plan on giving some away to spread the word once things starts shipping.

I’ll be going by Jayvyn (with one “v” in game). Jayvyn, means bringer of Light or Light Spirit. I’ll be showing the light to all the Humans in hopes that they cross over to the Evolved before all is extincted. Evolution is Inevitable, don’t fight it.


Hi I’m Chris, in game known as MrSleijpie.
I operate from the Netherlands zuidlimburg.
And I’m happy to participate in this awsome new game.:blush:


Hi everyone. My name is Marko Ign Meriadoc. Looking forward to playing with/against you. Keep Calm and be Evolved


Hello everyone. My name is Damian, known in the game as wowpato2. I’m from Argentina (my native language is Spanish). Eager to get my inceptors.

Greetings to all and I to help as I can.
*** Go Human GO ***

hola a todos. Mi nombre es Damian, conocido en el juego como wowpato2. Soy de Argentina (mi lenguaje nativo es español). Deseoso de recibir mis inceptors.

Saludos a todos y estoy para ayudar en lo que pueda.

*** Go Human GO ***


FiendishlyAnon - Evolved - Memphis, TN

Can’t wait for this to go live!


Hey guys, Cody here. In game name (ign) RaNar. Human.
I am a strategist to the extreme. When on my team, expect a strategy and a plan. To those Goldfish who want to challenge me, I currently reside in New Jersey. Come on by. I dare ya.
To the Humans who want to win a fight, I’ll gladly join you. If you want advice, feel free to message me. I’ll always reply. That I promise.
RaNar literally means, in ancient Egyptian, Sun Fire. So guess whats going to happen to all those Goldfish? We’re going to fry you up and have a feast. I’m hungry.



Marloc Favirzal signing on from Chicago, IL, USA. Human faction agent. If you’re in the area, let me know.


Thanatos357, Human, veteran, preparing AO for the near future. Pleased to ‘meet’ you all.


Aloha from Father.IO - Hawaii

Sapper. Human. Honolulu, HI.
A Sapper is a Combat Engineer who has mastered the art of demolition, patrolling, and other light fighting commando style tactics. So it might be clear as to which class I’ll be swaying towards, but you never know.

If you’re ever visiting the islands, feel free to contact me or post on the Father.IO - Hawaii Facebook page. Regardless of your race, I’ll be more than happy to steer you in some type of direction.

If you’re interested in, or looking for someone to contribute towards promoting Father.IO, feel free to message me and hopefully we can create a few collaborations.


Hi guys, my name is Andy in-game Andylicious. I’m from Munich, Germany and happy to fight for the Evolved :wink:


Hi, Mark here from the UK. Looking forward to defending my territory out here!


Hi, Arley aka Flacko715 form Brooklyn, its nice to be a part of a international community…cheers!!


Damian aka THENERDFIGHTER here. Evolved from the northwest side of Chicago- the city with the most potential to have a match go wrong.


Hey guys, looks like I’m the only one from London, UK so far. I’m sure there will be many users in this fine city.
Let the good times roll! =)


Don’t worry London is one of the biggest city in the game, both for players and for inceptor sold! As soon as we promote the forum with the wait list and beta players you’ll make a lot of new friends. Btw I love London :slight_smile: