Interesting map related engine tweaks?


Saw this, thought it might have some usable parts

Mapzen Tron 2.0


This definitely looks cool. @tarun @IamYourVirtualFather


omg this map its incredible!!!


Maybe, just maybe, @IamYourVirtualFather or someone else can shoot them an E-Mail? Cause it looks awesome!


That is an awesome find, @Asteroza


Slight thread necromancy, but I saw this, which is similar. Mapbox does the whole javascript/webGL/unity range of 3D map engines and the core is opensource.


Slightly tangential, but the newly announced Safari 11 for iOS supports webRTC, which will allow use of AR.js (which needs webRTC and webGL) to do nice multiplatform AR.

So if you stick an AR tracker marker sticker on the Interceptor, you can do AR overlays on players.