Interceptor continuously flashing Blue (not connecting)


Interceptor has been blinking ever since I plugged it in. I followed the directions for both Interceptors.

  1. Interceptor A(blinking Blue): pulled it out of the box (LED was off). looked at the inside of the box (where the QR code is). pulled out the manual and say the diagram for charging. Grabbed a nearby micro USB cable and plugged it into my machine. It immediately started blinking Blue.

    1.a. Since an LED legend wasn’t included in the manual I didn’t think anything of it.

  2. Interceptor B(Working): after leaving interceptor A to charge I grabbed another USB cable and started charging interceptor B. The LED was orange/red instead of blinking Blue. Now I was a little alarmed by the difference in the two interceptors.

  3. I attempted to connect to each on individually at different parts of the house (1 upstairs towards the rear of the house, the other downstairs toward the front). Only one connects to either phone (tried each phone on each interceptor).

So the question is, what does the blinking Blue light indicate? And if it’s broken or unrecoverable in this state, what’s the next move (refund, replacement, update, etc.)?

I’ve been following this project for a bit now and really wanted to get into this. i’d prefer a replacement if this one can’t be recovered.


There was no answer to your problem. Have you solved it?
You’re not the only one with problems ([Who can give me an idea](Who can give me an idea - Faulty battery on Interceptor).
Is there anyone behind this company that looks after us? Are there interceptor that work ?
Answers will be welcome…