Inceptors sent?


Fortsetzung der Diskussion von Game full release date:

In above mentioned anouncement from May 1st it was said that the Inceptors will be shipped JULY & AUGUST 201? ;o)

In addition there has been the statement on July 10th

“A pair of weeks” are gone and we do not have any information about this.

Please give us an update on the process.
Did you finish the FCC / CE certification?
When will you send out the Inceptors?
Can we still expect to get some play in 2017?


The dev team is working on certification and we are hoping they can start mp soon.


Thank you so much for the update.

I’ve been working in dev too and I know that especially regarding work with officials it is quite hard to estimate and you can not move further without their decision…

Keep up the amazing work!


i have been wondering the same thing believe sent email or support request for update but never received a response. my page says order locked which really bothered me but been seeing there have been delays so waiting patiently