Inceptor Unique ID question


In 2016 I made 2 order from Indiegogo about Father.IO.

  1. order was normal inceptor and I buy 2 of them.

  2. order was N00B slayer pack, witch included 2 inceptor, 1 exclusive indiegogo camo and 3 class mobility.

Both orders got of course own order ID number, BUT when I got both packs in my home they come 2 different tracking code and no way to tell what inceptor belong order 1 and what belong order 2.

Since every inceptor have they unique ID number, I want to know is that 2. order extras included of those unique ID number or not. I just want to know what inceptor I keep to myself and what I can sell to my friends.

Do I get later code and with that code I can activate N00B pack feature or how it will work.

I have asked this several time in Discord chat, but no answer. Hope to get fast answer this way, because I want to start connecting inceptor and start to play with my friends.


I found official answer from discord:

“nope, you’ll have a referral code to activate your extra digital stuff.”

The perks are not bound to the inceptor. You will get a referral code for the perks that will bind the perks to your Account.