Inceptor Unboxing Pics!


Hey family, a lot of traffic is coming in on the Discord channel, especially of pics of the inceptor! If you are one of the many who received their inceptors, go ahead and post your pics here for the rest of the community to see what they have to look forward to!! :sunglasses:


Dear Sapper,

I have reached out to the only verified person with the Inceptors, and another friend that has the app installed. Unfortunately they are in 2 different countries so no combining their systems. I will attach all screens here in a second.



It is happening,
Have fun!


Awesome pics!

If you all get a chance, check out @FiendishlyAnon’s YouTube videos for mini-gameplay. I’ll get them up as well as soon as Apple approved the app :sunglasses:

And the crowd cries “more pics”


Thanks for the comment. I am currently trying to pull together more video, but until the inceptor is on the phone and another person is near me I’m limited. But I will post more videos none the less.