Inceptor Protective Cases


What are the community’s thoughts on a protective case for Inceptors?

We don’t know if they’re waterproof or shockproof yet, so I thought this would be a good topic. Since I expect the Inceptor isn’t going to be attached to my phone all the time, it will probably be in my pocket. I don’t want to damage it if I make a mistake.

It just has to be a simple carrying case just big enough to carry the Inceptor and protect it from day to day pocket damage – just a protective shell. I would be willing to pay a good $5 for that, personally.


Me too! The inceptors should be waterproof in my opinion, but a case for the phone as well would be cool too! Especially if you are snorkeling during a match :wink:



The question is, how are you going to keep the water away from your phone? :confused:

NINJA EDIT: nvm that’s what I get for reading the forum in the night… But still an awesome idea!


I was talking more along the lines of a case just for the inceptor, but I like that idea you have!

Expanding on the Inceptor-only case idea, instead of the cases being just a plastic shell, they could be a little more fancy. They could potentially recharge the Inceptor with a battery bank functionality, similar to Apple Ear Pods and their case. I’d be willing to pay $35 for one of those.


There should be a phone charger along with the case so there isn’t a problem with this: “We’re about to win and I’m the last player!. Aannnddd… My battery died.”


A handy carry case for when not using the inceptor is a great idea. Maybe also one with a belt clip that fits my batterypack


I’m thinking something like an Otter box - perhaps with an IP rating of 67. Or maybe 68 for storage and 66 for play (like with a removable cover in case any particular lens or window has to remain uncovered).


Awesome ideas! :sunglasses:

It was a while ago, but if I remember correctly the Dev team had this in consideration throughout the development of the Inceptor. @tarun and @IamYourVirtualFather can definitely confirm.

Another theory could be that the shift to China had something to do with making sure that the Inceptor was built correctly with these features built-in. :frowning: But I really like the idea of a case for the Inceptor. There is already a carrying/storage case for it, but some type of attachment to go with it on your phone might help. Ultimately, if you drop your phone I’m sure something is going to go wrong :joy:

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The inceptors will not be submergible. However they should be perfectly fine with some drops of falling rain or sweat of the hardcore humans (Evolved don’t sweat I’ve heard). When it starts raining where you wouldn’t be comfortable with a non-waterproof phone I’d suggest you to take shelter and wait it out. My guess is that rain will have an impact on the range and effectiveness of the inceptor’s IR


Don’t think we need submersible. But in some cases (no pun intended) when the phone & inceptor unit happen to come into contact with water, say accidentally into/through a lawn sprinkler, knocked into a fountain, dropped in a puddle - the 30 second protection rating would be helpful. I think all that is required is a simple gasket around joints.

The only other thing I thought of is will the inceptors be able to mount ON phone/tablet protective cases, like an Otter Defender (for phone) or a Trident (for iPad). Perhaps a clamp style connector for phones (that “grabs” on to either “side” of the phone, and the phone is held sideways for game play) and a “v type” clamp for tablets, (like you find for holding papers together, it would clip over the front and back around an edge of the device).

Just some suggestions. :slight_smile:


I dont see why you couldnt have some sort of hard case for the inceptors. The look like they would fit in an Oakley glasses case or you could find some sort of camera case that they would fit in.

The only thing I worry about in regards to a case similar to a Otterbox defender a Spigen thin armour or even just a simple cheap rubber one is would it unintentionally create an unfair advantage towards the people who have them by narrowing a detection window, or the opposite if the firing windows were interfered with and the IR beams were less effective.

Yes before anyone says anything on this I know intentionally interfering with the sensors is illegal and will be met with consequences. My comments above were based on unintended consequences due to poor construction quality of “official” inceptor cases.


Yeah, I don’t think a case for the Inceptor will be necessary, nor efficient. The developers are already putting a great deal of effort into programming it; I would imagine that they’d like to also do their best to protect it for their Players’ sake :smile:

This also relates to strategy and the real-life dynamic of fighting. It is always a Warrior’s responsibility to maintain their weapon so that it is always ready to use. Careless use and failure to maintain the Inceptor will always be the Player’s fault. Players must always move, shoot, and control themselves and their Inceptor with finesse :sunglasses:

Key Point: Take care of your Inceptor, and your Inceptor will take care of you :sunglasses:

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I’m happy! I see the protective case I had in mind! It’s something that protects the Inceptor from basic damage, like pocket keys. I have big cargo pants pockets, so I can handle this. Whether or not this is bundled in the original shipment is unknown, but the idea that it might exist is great. Source


Actually that’s a very good idea that would be very helpful. Please think about it. :wink::wink:


@Eliasn2003 The best part is, this is an official picture from the Father.IO team itself.


Yes that’s right


I’m just curious how we would obtain it…