Inceptor Patching for blue blinking and android disconnections


The inceptor patcher is finally here. If your inceptor is constantly blinking blue for minutes OR if you are facing immediate disconnection from Inceptor (Huawei Px Series, Galaxy Note and other few Android devices) - Install this app. No issue for iPhone User. Please don’t install if you are not facing any problems.



First of all, thx a lot for this! Now I’m (hopefully) finally able to play on a proper phone, instead of my shitty old one.
BUT one seems to have to use a different phone to do the update, not the one that is causing trouble. I had to do the update on my Galaxy S5 in order to get the Inceptor connected to my Huawei P10 :smiley: Maybe that’s clear to everyone else anyway, but at least for me, it was not clear ^^


Had an inceptor that was constantly blinking blue. This patch fixed it. Thanks!


Hi ! I tried to install patch for my phone (huawei P9 lite) but when I click on “upgrade firmware”, nothing indicate any evolution, the button is still grey for hours.(modifié)
(of course I followed instructions : phone and inceptor full charged, restart etc)


I’ve read a comment on discord that they had more luck when installing the patch from a phone OTHER THAN the Huawei


Mine is blinking Orange? Would this also help me?


Hola porque cuando inicio ingresa perfectamente pero cual Do le doy un solo jugador y entro como para jugar se cierra de mi.?


Tengo el KG k8 me sale ese problema ya que compre el inceptors y soy de Paraguay