Inceptor Packaging and (Almost) Finished Product


Not a scam. People have received their inceptors. Are you on discord by chance?


Tell that to all the ones who HAVE RECEIVED their inceptors. Check with your local post office. They might have em. I had to pull an order from them because they wouldn’t forward it.


No one is perfect man. About 85% of people haven’t received a tracking number. And if they did, the tracking has a delayed update. Depending on your order number and when you placed it, you could be at the second quarter shipment date.

No offense to you but have you heard of patience? I waited damn near 3 years for this. What’s another month?
I have an order that hasn’t been filled yet but you don’t see me bitching and moaning about it. It will get here when it gets here.
To all the people who don’t like cussing, I’m sorry.


No, eBay have the device


Well I got my 2 yesterday. Spent most of the night charging them when I got home.


Yeah ! Let’s play with friends !