Inceptor Packaging and (Almost) Finished Product


Uploaded by @IamYourVirtualFather himself on the Discord server. For those of you that want to see the progress, here it is.



I have been checking my email and the indi page every two hours for the past week


Any news yet?


This is the news, comes from the Discord chat. Any other news will either be there first or in an email.


It all looks so good :smiley:


What do the “U” and “E” stickers mean?


United States and Europe? That’s my best guess, notice the “U” has the FCC Mark and the “E” has the CE mark.


hola soy nuevo y hablo en español, soy d argentina, queria saber como conseguir el inceptor si es q ya estan disponibles muchas gracias

(Todo tiene que ser en inglés o tener una traducción/ all posts must be in English or be translated) Lucky that @DarthVader is the best mod ever and speaks English and Spanish.

Hi I’m new and I speak Spanish, I’m from Argentina, I wanted to know how to get an inceptor if they are already available thanks a lot


So excited to see that package and the inceptor!!


You can still order from the Indiegogo page on or wait for the full release. They are not available to the public yet.


Amazon have them on sale I think


I am in need of help with the game but I am so lucky to be a beta tester but I have some questions to ask please help


Indiegogo y busca o en Amazon


Hi, I’m from Brazil and play since the beginning of the Beta. What shall I do for get the package to play?
'cause in the Beta I didn’t need nothing to do it.


I am in the US. Some big stores have them in stock such as Walmart.


Says it’s not available till middle January.


I HAVE RECEVUED MINE!!! #ithasarrived #letthebattlebegin


I’m from Barcelona, Spain :sunglasses:
Today I received the inceptor yet :smile::smile::smile::smile:


I have received my interceptor 17 man 2018