Inceptor maintenance!


Before I start: I tried to keep most of my post as much “fact based” as possible, linking to sources, generally knowing what I’m talking about. This post here however has a high chance of false information since my sample quantity is low. However, following these instructions shouldn’t do you any harm.

Fact: some inceptors face the “green / yellow charging cycle” problem
Fact: this issue has come up more often in the recent past
Fact: the devs have already addressed this issue in discord and are probably working on a solution

I got my 10 pack of inceptors back in December of last year, unpacked 8 of them and kept 2 in “mint condition” (wrapped ). I charged the 8 ones regularly and used them at random to play with friends.

Since the idea of “deep discharge” of the batteries came up on discord as a possible source of the problem I decided to take my previously unused, wrapped inceptors, charge them, and see if the issue would come up on these devices as well.

Sure enough, it did.
As I said, I don’t have a lot of data points, but it seems to suggest, that the battery can’t be charged after being discharged for a while.

Now, this is especially painful to see, as requests for an on/off switch have been there from the very beginning of the campaign.

Since even the very first devices seem to suffer from this (and we have to assume that most devices are from that production batch), I urge everyone:

Charge your inceptors on a regular basis! They usually hold their charge for a good two weeks, so if you want to be safe, charge them by that time!

(I will leave my inceptor on the charger over night and will report if that brings back the battery)
Edit 2: it didn’t change anything. I sent them to Proxy42 for them to take a look at it

Edit: in case it’s important: my inceptors have the radio chip for the European (non-US) frequencies in them


I’ve been able to fix the power light problem by using an iPad charger that outputs 3A. Those new USBc fast charger adapters seem to work when you use a usba→microusb adapter.

However, deep cycling the battery isn’t good in the long run. I highly recommend doing the ‘maintenance’ steps outlined in the first post.


Inceptor NEED a on/off switch and the capability of been charged as normal smartphone.


I buy an inceptor: it won t stay in charge, performing the orang-red cicle not explained on maintenance guide; but it can connect Bluetooth unil it will be connect in charge, and go offline as i diconnect charging cable.
Then i change the inceptor to the store: second inceptor under charge run red cicle for days without never go green, and never capable to connect Bluetooth.
Now rest to going to the store to give back my money.

I m so sad, because i really trust in this game.
What i can do to support this project?