Inceptor final price


I would like to know the final price, i heard it will be 20$

Price of incepter

I suppose it is gonna be 25$ +, because the 2 inceptor pack costs 50$ atm.


Thanks for the info RandomName



The game was awesome . But the price of the incepter is too high we can’t afford it. That’s a disappointment


Sorry you feel that way, Player, but it is only fair to those who backed the project since its beginning. Some players may have disputes about the price simply because they may not have found out about this project in time to back it earlier. Other may say that the price is too high in comparison to other “more developed” games. The fact is that if you really want something then you will do whatever it takes to get it. Backers put their trust and money on the line a long time ago to see where things are today, and where they will be in the following years.

So if you really want to play the game, don’t be disappointed - be eager to play it one day. :sunglasses: