Inceptor connection bug, after using "Reset inceptor"


If you’re connected to the inceptor, and use the “Reset inceptor” button, the next connection to that inceptor will behave unexpectedly. The inceptor ring will be glowing, but the app is not showing the connection. Clicking on “Multiplayer” will make the app want to connect to the inceptor, but the inceptor (which already thinks is connected) won’t accept the connection.

App version: 2.1.0 (newest)
Phone: LG G4
Developer Mode: affects both enabled/disabled accounts

I had one inceptor close to me, the other ones about 5m away.

Steps to reproduce:
With the inceptor connected on the main screen
Close the App
Open the App
(either the inceptor is connected immediately, or click “mutliplayer”, until it is)
Inceptor is connected
Reset -> yes
(Inceptor ring will now be glowing, but the inceptor icon in the top right corner is still flashing)
Clicking Multiplayer again will result in “Connecting inceptor” (it won’t find an inceptor, because the glowing one is already occupied)

Steps to fix:
Connect Inceptor
(Inceptor will stop glowing now)
Important: WAIT, until the inceptor is connected again. If it doesn’t connect immediately, use the “connect inceptor” button. DON’T click back before it’s connected again - you’ll run into the same problem again
Inceptor is now glowing again, app is showing "Connected"


still present in 2.1.6