Inceptor compatibility


Just wondering which android version that is compatible for this inceptor? or any specific version of blutooth/android/etc. (Would be sucks when the parcel arrived and you can’t use it because it’s not compatible with your device).

Will the inceptor have a gyrosensor
Can Father.IO be download on iOS 6

@Sapper Sorry for tagged you here. But I also need some info about this topic.


Seeing the inceptor only uses the game and bluetooth 4.0 I believe the only requirements would be having bluetooth 4.0 and being able to run the app.

@tarun or @IamYourVirtualFather are the only ones who can actually confirm for now.


This is actually a very good question. I wanted to make a list of devices that this game would be compatible with. I also had a few people on the YouTube channel ask which devices work with the game. All I know right now is Android devices and iOS devices - not sure about the specifics. @AimanH No problem, but like @Kaj said, @tarun and @IamYourVirtualFather are the only ones who can confirm this.


I hope the inceptor still can use other bluetooth version to connect it to the device. :smile:


Can Father.IO be download on iOS 6? Thank you for answer first


I think that most of the new AR games (like pogo etc) are best on devices with more than 2GB of RAM but sometimes it can be even 1GB. Also it should have a gyroscope i think


The gyroscope one is tricky. I dont know if its been mentioned before whether the inceptor will use its own or if it has to be included in the phone to use the VR function like PoGo.


Apps for iOS 6 arent being made anymore so ill give that a 99% no.


will the inceptor have a gyro sensor for the phones that don’t have it built in. because some cheaper phones don’t have it built into the phone.