Inceptor can't connect. Constantly blinks red


Hey all,

Anyone else have trouble connecting to their inceptor? I tried and was able to scan the QR code however the inceptor since plugging it in has only been blinking red even after a full night of charging. How do i reset the e-mail to the inceptor so i can reset the inceptor and reattempt to scan the QR code again?

I bought the L33T pack and 2 of the inceptors have done this now. I’ve only managed to get 1 to work so far and working on testing the remaining 7.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!



Unfortunately right now the only people that could help us the dev team. You are only the second person I have heard of having the inceptors in hand.


hi @ShadowsOfLife, please PM me here in the forum, or write an email


Hi, I have the exact same issue. @IamYourVirtualFather Your twitter page told me to raise it here.

Video here


Hi @Whagwan - sorry if the social team send you here: in this case, you should really contact the - explaining well the problem, so we can open a ticket and look further. I’m aware of it and I’ll take care of the issues.
Probably the battery got damage during the shipping.


Hi @ShadowsOfLife - Did you fix it now? I have the same symptoms.
@IamYourVirtualFather What should I do?


Sorry but I haven’t fixed it. So far I’ve been able to get ahold of them and just getting ready to mail it back to them for troubleshooting. I’ve been told once they troubleshoot and determine if it’s a hardware issue they will mail a new inceptor back to me.


Hi @ShadowsOfLife @kimysnara - yes it looks like the battery or the board got damaged, but we need the device to determine the cause.
As promised, after the inspection we’ll send you back a new inceptor to replace.
Please contact to get priority support and solve this issue.


I’m very disappointed that after the 18month wait and new customers gettting inceptors before backers I’m being asked to pay for tracked postage to send away the faulty unit to be assessed when there is a clear issue here.

IMO you should be paying the return postage if you know you have faulty units which you want returning.

I contrast this with the response from Powerup which recently supplied me with a faulty dart. I supplied video and they have acknowledged the issue and shipped a replacement at no cost to myself.


well its not like everything is going to work out and there wont be any issues!! not a perfect world


That’s true Stunkcaf but as Whagwan said when he received an defective unit it is not his fault and the producer should pay for returning the device, not the customer!


Exactly, especially when the Dev has stated “I’m aware of it and I’ll take care of the issues.”

So this is a known faulty inceptor issue and we are expected to pay to return known faulty stock.

If this was a purchase I would be contacting my CC company to initiate a chargeback on this purchase of a faulty unit, proxy42 are lucky we can’t do this with an indiegogo campaign.


This is the e-mail I had from Proxy regarding having to pay to have a faulty unit replaced:

"the initial costs of sending the Inceptor to Italy will have to be covered by yourself. In case our technical check discloses your Inceptor has a manufacturing defect, we will send you a replacing, working one at our own expense.

This is a standard procedure for this type of issues. The Inceptor should be sent to Italy provided of a tracking service but does not need to be sent through urgent courier or postage."


I want to send it to the post office, but the plane won’t accept it because it is battery product. What should I do?


I’m right there with you @Whagwan. I have an inceptor doing the same thing and received the same email from the support team. It’s sad that it would be cheaper to buy a new unit from Brookstone then to send this to Italy from where I am in the US. Especially when it’s a know issue.


I also have a unit doing the fast blinking red even after a night of charging. So this is a sign of a faulty unit? If so, then this need to ship it back to Italy is indeed a flaw in what could be a great program.