Inceptor can’t connect. Constantly blinks blue


I’m trying to pair my mobile phone (Galaxy S8+) with the Inceptor but the mobile phone can not find the Inceptor. Inceptor was fully loaded and continuously blinks blue.

Any ideas? Thx!

Weird LED pattern on inceptor - won't connect

Can you post here a video of the problem? @Beelzial


Must be bad I’d say. One of mine does that, charged all day , never turned orange (red)…
The other turned orange then went blank. It connected to Note4. Changed its name.
Then there the pairing pin code request.
Tried 0000 and 1234 but nothing. And can’t REUSE QR code so have to request new one.


One of my inceptors is showing this glowing pattern as well:

I can’t connect to it, and putting it on the charger doesn’t have an effect.


Hi All!
Here’s the inceptor patcher, that will solve the “Constantly blinks blue” and Disconnection bugs on Huawei smartphones

Please follow the instructions inside the app