Improve location


It is easy to access fake location using application so improve it to omit fake people


It wont affect full gameplay, not effective on even current resource map gameplay. The dummy location isnt like in consoles where you plant a beacon and it stays indefinitely. Device spoofer moves constantly or it would still have a locatable offset.

Also when there are clouds out and real world interference the gps will have lock troubles that are very similar to the spoofer anyhow. Managing to create a system to detect spoof system will confuse the 2. Thats assuming it doesnt cause phone malfunctions in the 1st place. Spoofing can help claim limited unclaimed territory, but cant stay still long enough to steal resources. It also cannot be controlled making it unable to defend. On full version you are going to be focusing on looking at real life to locate the enemy during fights.
(Please dont be “that guy” who falls off a cliff or walks into traffic or something like some pokemon players did we need good rep on the news).