Ideas for defensive installations


So i was reading the indiegogo page and it says the following: “If you’re too busy to play, you can deploy virtual drones and let them work for you! Drones act as an extension of a player: they allow players to perform the normal non-offensive actions they would do by moving around the map, such as harvest, deposit and spend resources. While drones can be a great help, they have limited carrying capabilities, limited range, and can be shot down by enemy installations.” end quote.Now the bit that caught my eye was the part near the end where it says drones can be shot down. So I’ll get to the point. What if there was multiple types of defensive installations such as minefields or flak cannons? That would fit in with the theme of the game (maybe not the flak maybe change that out for S.A.M launchers or laser installations) but they would be a great addition to possibly research and upgrade in the game. If they are already implementing those I am sorry but as building slot structures those would be cool. That’s all i had to say. Full release ant come soon enough but I’m holding in there. And i thank you if you took the time to read that